Cell Squadron

You can play as 3 different cells in the human body as they combat viruses. Each wave goes with the different symptoms that each virus causes in the body. Follow the Cell Squadron pilots Alia, Sully, and Joseph through their independent stories spread across three levels. Each ship has their own playstyle and stats that should suit the player’s needs.


10-14 years old that are interested in

  1. Biology
  2. Air Fighters
  3. Shoot 'Em Up

Educational Value

Players will learn about different cells and viruses through an endless runner by teaching them where each virus and symptoms of the viruses infect by showing a human body that updates as you progress. You can also learn about each cell and virus in the database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No Network connection required.


  1. 3 Playable Cells
  2. 3 Viruses
  3. 3 Playable levels
  4. Database for cell/virus information
  5. Human Body to show player what is infected by viruses and the symptoms they cause
  6. Difficulty rises as you move forward in the game

IMPORTANT NOTE: No adds, no in-app purchases.

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