CelleC Games Hones Young Players’ Motor Skills With New Releases

CelleC Games, Inc., Winter Park-based game developer, is pleased to announce the addition of Barnibles Home & Say to the family of animal-focused educational  games.


Barnibles is an educational, colorful game series for children ages 3 to 6 that can be found in our Early Learning section. Children can improve their motor skills and coordination through tapping, swiping and dragging to answer questions correctly. Barnibles Home teaches your child which habitats animals live in. The game shows 1 or more animals, and children drag the animal to the habitat where they think it belongs. Test and improve your little one’s memory with Barnibles Say! This ‘Simon Says’ style app requires that you tap each animal in the order in which they sound off. As the game progresses, the complexity of the patterns increase, allowing the child to improve memory and recognition of the animals. Play all 5 games; Sound, Match, Find, Home & Say!


Barnibles Sound, Match & Find are now available on iOS. Your child can now enjoy learning more about animals  on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


SpellBook is a fast-paced spelling game! Through swiping across the correct letters, children can improve their literacy by completing predetermined phrases or “spells”. SpellBook also promotes quick thinking as there are many obstacles that can make time run out faster.


As always, CelleC creates applications with responsive and intuitive controls to allow small children and pre-teens to play each game with ease, so they can focus on the content.


“Here, at CelleC Games, our goal is to provide fun, engaging and educational games that challenge and enhance the abilities of children,” said Gerard Merritt, CEO of CelleC Games, Inc. “We are committed to the education of youth and strive to create a user interface that is enjoyable and user-friendly.”


Founded in 2011, CelleC Games, Inc. is located on the campus of Full Sail University and staffed with leaders in the game design industry. To learn more about other CelleC Games products, visit www.cellecgames.com.


About CelleC Games, Inc.

Winter Park-based CelleC Games, Inc. is an industry leader in education and innovative app development. Founded in 2011, located on the campus of Full Sail University, CelleC Games aims to educate youth by creating a fun environment through the use of handheld devices.

To learn more about CelleC Games, Inc. and its products, visit www.cellecgames.com

Or reach us at – CelleC Games, Inc. · 4046 N. Goldenrod Rd. #271 · Winter Park, FL 32792 · USA


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