Explorer Society

Test your worldly knowledge by traveling the globe and answering trivia along the way. Learn the locations of the vast array of varying countries and their details such as national cuisine and spoken languages. Personalize your passport and fill it with stamps earned by completed quizzes.

Educational Value

Players will expand their knowledge of geography as they use the globe to select new countries. In addition, the game divides the countries into continents that are color-coded. As stated above, players will learn about each country’s national animal and currency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The game does not use any Notification Bar Ads.


  1. Super Easy Control! Everything is just a tap away!
  2. 6 Total Regions!
  3. 192 Total Countries!
  4. 960 Total Questions To Answer!
  5. Cultural Information About Countries Of The World!

Join the Explorer Society and start your journey today!

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