Periodic Table

Periodic Table (Game) is an educational game, designed to teach and test the player’s chemistry with Periodic Table all the way to college and beyond.  The game’s primary target audience are students from college who want to brush or improve their Periodic Table knowledge, but is geared to help teach anyone who is interested in learning Periodic Table!

The game is mechanized with match two puzzles and includes three modes of difficulty to help ease the learning curve.  It also includes an extensive database of all periodic table elements to help players learn any element to the highest degree!

The Game is available on both Apple and Android tablets and phones. 


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Dr. Girder's Bones

Dr. Girder’s Bones is a quiz game for medical students, professionals or anyone who wants to test their knowledge of the human skeletal system. The user may get three answers incorrect before their play session is ended. While playing, the user may utilize lifelines to help with the questions. There are flash cards, which allow the user to quickly study bones before entering the game or a test. The local high scores allow the user to save their top 25 scores to show their improvement over time.


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