Magnet Mayhem

You’ll play as Robert, and join him on his quest to restore Earth’s magnetic polarity before it is too late! On the way, you’ll pass through dangerous rivers and caves until you have to get through the temple itself. You’ll be navigating puzzle levels with magnets, and have to use their polarity to get through each time.

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Spell Book

Spell Book is a fun, educational game where spells and spelling go hand-in-hand. Players will take on the role of a powerful wizard as they find missing letters and complete words. With several grade levels to choose from, Spell Book has hours of magical vocabulary building exercises for children.

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Dig 4 Dino

A fast-paced, exploration runner game. Dig deep into five sediment layers of the Earth avoiding hazards and enemies all while in search of dinosaur fossils to populate your museum. Inspect the fossils to learn interesting Dino Facts and collect Relics to learn even more! Collect coins from duplicate fossils in order to upgrade your digging equipment to extend the duration and effectiveness of your dig.

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Decoration of Independence

Explore a world where time has crashed in on itself! In this American History adventure game, you take the roll as a history expert who is tasked by Father Time’s daughter to put the time-stream back together. In this game, you are answering questions from famous historical figures and returning lost mementos to Child Time so that the time-stream returns to normal. So what are you waiting for? Bust out those history books and get ready to take on an all new adventure in Decoration of Independence!

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Type Twister

Now a days, we use computers for almost everything, and it's very helpful for students to be proficient with keyboards, Type Twister is a game designed to improve the players' typing skills while having fun. Words will fall down from the top of the screen and the player will type the words before they stack up and fill the screen. The more you type the faster it gets! Have fun!

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Math Swatter

Math Swatter is a fun, educational game based around tapping the fly that holds the correct answer to the given equation. Players are given a set amount of lives, one of which is taken away upon the selection of an incorrect answer. Game obstacles include hornets and spiders, both of which appear as the game progresses.

Answer 5 questions correctly in row and gain a Golden Fly. Golden Fly mode is activated when the player collects 3 Golden Flies. In this mode, players are able to gain points more rapidly by tapping the flies as they fill the screen.

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Math Slash

This educational arcade game is fun and addicting. The slashing gameplay style, turns learning upside down through the flawless integration of educational content. Swipe through flying candy equations as they arc across the screen. Sounds pretty simple right? The fun surprise with Math Slash is that the game gives the players the answer first. Candies of different equations pop up on the screen; the player will have to slash through the correct equations for which the given answer solves. Players will be able to select their grade level (1st - 6th grade), each of which is aligned to Common Core Standards established by Department of Education. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division must be used to seek out and slice up the equations. What are you waiting for? Ditch the calculator, use your math skills and do your best to set the next high score in CelleC Games’ Math Slash!

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Math Stack

Math for Kids is either a problem that they’re reluctant to do or, challenge that they want to tackle. One thing for sure, Math isn’t something a child learns overnight. Enter MATH STACK, an educational game that is simply designed for children so they can learn Math the intuitive and fun way. Combining mobility, touch control and puzzle, Math Stack stands as a combination of a modern technology and educational on one simple app that can help kids learn math anywhere, anytime! To play this game, Player will be shown a row of cubes that has either a number or and equation attached to it. What they need to do is to tap the cube to hold it and then drag their finger to another cube to stack it. The one and Only RULE is, they need to stack the numbered cube to the correct equation that resulted in that number or stack the equation cube with the number cube that is equal to the equation! If stacked correctly, the cube will disappear! The main goal of the game is to stack everything and clear the board off cubes. Once you’ve done that, then the level raises and anew challenge begins.

So what are you waiting for? PLAY MATH!

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Math Racer

Math Racer is a fun, 3D educational circuit racing game designed to hone the math skills of elementary age children. The object of the game is to race against the opponent and make as few mistakes as possible. In order to win the race, the player must use his/her knowledge of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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Ant Path Learning

Warm Sun, Grassy field, and the sound of nature going about their business. This is the best time for people to for a picnic don’t you think? Well, do you know who’ll love the picnic season more than the people? Ants! Not just the usual ants! The learning ones! In Ant Path Learning, you will play as group of ants trying to reach unattended picnic basket and bring food to their queen! Ant Path Learning is a full 3D matching game for the learning children. Player Choose from 4 different modes, Odd and Even Number, as well as Shapes and Color. The different modes provide the best way to train a child’s visual recognition and short-term memories capability.

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Factory Rush

RUMBLE IN THE MATH FACTORY! The Number assembly line has gone haywire, and you’re the only one who can fix it! Salvage the number discs before you run out of space to hold them. With the help of your math-savvy Number Box, reduce the amount of number discs by tapping two of them to create an equation. Correct pairing will remove the discs and save the Factory from breaking apart. Set a high score to compare with your friends. Removing all number discs from the line will give your score an extra boost!

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Solar Explorer

How smart of an astronaut are you? Explore the solar system and the learn the details of the many planets and their moons. Study the information of each planet to help you take the quizzes to achieve a high grade. The higher the grade, the more you know.

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Explorer Society

Test your worldly knowledge by traveling the globe and answering trivia along the way. Learn the locations of the vast array of varying countries and their details such as national cuisine and spoken languages. Personalize your passport and fill it with stamps earned by completed quizzes.

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Lorekeeper: Song of Two Swords

Lorekeeper: Song of Two Swords is set in the world of King Arthur. Travel across medieval Wales and explore the story of Arthur and find the sword Excalibur and secure the kingdom from its enemies. Meet a young Arthur and his mentor Merlin at the outset of Arthur’s journey to become the legendary King of Camelot

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Cell Squadron

You can play as 3 different cells in the human body as they combat viruses. Each wave goes with the different symptoms that each virus causes in the body. Follow the Cell Squadron pilots Alia, Sully, and Joseph through their independent stories spread across three levels. Each ship has their own playstyle and stats that should suit the player’s needs.

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