Lorekeeper: Song of Two Swords

Lorekeeper is a Visual Novel intended to encourage a player’s interest in Literature and Mythology. Players will make decisions, interact with quick time events and trace runic spells to progress through the Game’s narrative. Players will explore the world of Lorekeepers learning the secrets of the Order, the magics they use and the Chronicles they protect. The player will travel into Chronicles and explore stories from throughout Literature. Lorekeeper: Song of Two Swords is set in the world of King Arthur. Travel across medieval Wales and explore the story of Arthur and find the sword Excalibur and secure the kingdom from its enemies. Meet a young Arthur and his mentor Merlin at the outset of Arthur’s journey to become the legendary King of Camelot.

Lorekeeper allows you to escape into the mythical world of Arthur and Merlin. Read along and follow them on a magical journey of power and lore.

Become a Lorekeeper TODAY! Magic, Power, and Adventure Await!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The game does not use any Notification Bar Ads.


  1. Easy to Read Text Based Adventure Game!
  2. Super Easy Control! Everything is just a tap away!
  3. Tracing Runes Using Touchscreen Technology!

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